Seismic Imaging and Well Logging

Dr. Pantelis Soupios

Seismic Imaging and Well Logging

MSc course in Petroleum Engineering, Technical Univerity of Crete

Instructors: Pantelis Soupios

Office location: Building 76, Room 2245

Recommended Reading

Power Point Files

  • Seismic Imaging 1 (Introduction to methods applied in Oil and Natural Resources Exploration, Seismic Principles, Velocity & Porosity, Signal/Amplitude Attenuation, Seismic Waves, Seismic Sources/Geophones/Acquisition systems) – 82 slides.
  • Seismic Imaging 2 (Seismic Refraction, Seismic Reflection, Seismic Reflection Data Acquisition) – 89 slides.
  • Seismic Imaging 3Α (Seismic Reflection Data Processing) – 36 slides.
  • Seismic Imaging 3B (Seismic Reflection – Case Studies)
  • Well Logging 1 (Introduction to Petroleum Geology, basic concepts of well logging) – 40 slides.
  • Well Logging 2 (Logging Techniques) – 76 slides.
  • VIDEOS (extract videos in the same folder with presentations)

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